"Compassion Avenue" is a Vegan shop selling best collection of fashionable leather alternatives cruelty free products for men and women , we sell all types of footwear and accessories for men and women which is stylish, trendy , comfortable and durable like leather but it's pure vegetarian or Vegan at wholesale price.

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I have been in footwear and accessories business since 1994 under the name of "The Foot Fair", Manufacturing and supplying all types footwear specially leather to all major retail outlets in pune and other parts of Maharashtra.

In 2004 I thought of replacing leather with other alternative as it was an instruction I received from my spiritual master as he had compassion for all living being including animals. I gave it a thought , and along with time I developed concern and compassion for animals, as they are also living beings and they also have right to live as much as we do we can't create them, so we have no right to kill them either. But unfortunately there are so many animals specially cows are being slaughtered for leather , meat is secondary, the main profitable thing in slaughtering a cow for leather and there are so many other animals killed for fur and killed for testing or other substances etc. When we use such products specially leather etc we contribute to their killing. When we discourage use of leather or other products made from animal's substance the demand will decrease so will the killing.

My goal is to change perception of people that leather products are more comfortable, stylish, trendy, and durable by giving them alternate products made from non – leather / micro leather / fake leather material without compromising with quality, style and durability of leather. Most of the companies selling any leather product like shoe, belt etc,mention the term "Genuine Leather" on their products, and they take pride in that and the buyer and user of the product also take pride in that. I want to change the people's perception in taking pride in "Genuine Leather to Genuine non – leather"

That's how I gave my Business a new name or brand called as "Compassion Avenue" CA's just not any other Business name or brand for making profit, it is an institution to create awareness among people about animal killing for our needs and comfort under this name right now I am providing best quality footwear shoes and other accessories like belts, valets , purses etc made from imported micro leather material which looks like leather, and it is as comfortable & durable as leather and it is stylish & trendy.

In the future I will be including more cruelty free / vegan products, where products will have no animal testing or killing in cosmetic and etc. Right now compassion Avenue is operating in pune and is planning to start in other cities in India as well.

View our portfolio of different products we manufacture


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Shop no. – 9, Ground Floor,
Kumar Place, Near Corporation Bank,
East Street, Camp Pune.

Mobile No.9822604582

Email :compassionavenue@gmail.com

Prop – Pradeep Taneja